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Do you make t-shirt quilts?

In that they are made of sizable squares of t-shirts sewed together to resemble a display behind the counter at a head store, my t-shirt quilts are not traditional-looking. When making custom quilts, I do accept materials, albeit there is no assurance that the shirt image will be discernible in the finished quilt. There is also no assurance that your shirts won’t be damaged in the process.

Do you make custom quilts?

I do, in fact, create unique quilts. I request $200 up front to cover the cost of supplies and full payment, which often varies from $400 to $600 overall, after the quilt is received. Delivery is free. I collaborate with the client to make a quilt that is unique, handcrafted, and of heirloom quality. I often turn things around in two months.

How much is shipping?

US items receive FREE delivery! There is an option for international shipping, and the price depends on weight.