Day: August 31, 2022

Everything About Quilts

Since I can remember, I have always adored quilts. When my mother was a young child, her grandmother and mother made quilts for her. When my oldest moved away to college, she handed them to me, and I passed them back to her. The history of quilts, the craft of quilting, and the women who create them is incredibly rich. While hunting for a new quilt for my bedroom, I became interested in the origins of quilting. I came up some extremely interesting data that I thought you might like.

Quilting Fun Facts

From Whence Did Quilts Originate? The quilt was first created by sewing three layers of fabric together in ancient China and Egypt.

How Did Quilting Spread Throughout America? Quilting was brought to America by the pilgrims from Europe. Women could socialize while working together to create quilts during the harsh winters using this activity. The traditional patchwork design that is so popular today was not present in the first quilts. The 19th century was when this first became public.

What Purposes Have Quilts Fulfilled? Quilts have numerous applications in addition to serving as blankets to keep you warm. Quilted fabric was utilized inside of armor as early …